The certifications obtained, and those to come, are a tangible sign of our commitment to excellence and consequent customer satisfaction.

The policy of Quality


PL Clima aims to supply units designed and manufactured to the highest standards, bringing continuous technological innovation. The production processes, the construction of the panels and the attention paid to the assembly stages allow the units to be presented to the market according to the highest quality standards.

Customer Satisfaction


All PL Clima’s activities are geared towards maximising customer and employee satisfaction, both direct and indirect. Their satisfaction guarantees loyalty, an objective that encourages the maximum commitment of all personnel and suppliers. The efforts made at all stages of the process allow for the delivery to the customer of increasingly innovative products in terms of quality while respecting the agreed delivery times. PL Clima has developed a Unit selection software that simplifies and speeds up the drafting of offers.

The certifications from accredited bodies highlight the company’s desire to pursue and maintain the objective of operating, at all stages, according to the reference standards including UNI EN ISO 9001:2015. The application of the regulations has also allowed the implementation of a risk management system, according to the operational context, to guarantee continuity and consequent customer satisfaction.

Our Vision


Since its foundation, PL Clima has been inspired by principles that guide its every action to help people live better, improving its products every day to guarantee the quality of indoor air, from a thermo-hygrometric and purity point of view.

We want to be a benchmark of culture and excellence in indoor air quality. This is why we are fully committed to innovation in operations and products, continuous improvement, transparency, sustainability and the development of all direct and indirect personnel.