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What advantages do heat recovery units offer?

Heat recovery units offer several advantages. They make it possible to recover heat from the exhaust air and reuse it to heat or cool, depending on the season, the fresh air, thus reducing energy consumption. This contributes to improving the building’s energy efficiency. In addition, heat recovery units contribute to a more comfortable indoor environment by ensuring a constant air exchange without heat loss. Finally, thanks to filtration, they help improve indoor air quality by removing particles and allergens.

How do air handling units work?

Air handling units (AHUs) consist of several sections to ensure a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. These units take air from outside or inside the building, filter it to remove impurities such as dust and allergens, and thermally treat it to heat or cool, humidify or dehumidify as required. The treated air is then distributed to the rooms through a system of ducts and air diffusers. AHUs can also be equipped with heat recovery systems to maximise energy efficiency and reduce consumption.

What are the benefits of air extraction and supply units? (VMC)

Extraction and supply units ensure proper air exchange. They extract stale and polluted air from rooms and expel it outside. The benefits of these units include the removal of odours, moisture and air pollutants, ensuring a healthy indoor environment.

What are fan coil units and how do they contribute to room comfort? (UTC/UTF)

Fan heaters combine the functions of ventilation and air heating (or cooling) in a single system. These units draw in air, filter it, heat or cool it, and deliver it to the room with direct distribution or through ducts. Fan heaters contribute to room comfort by providing a constant and controlled air flow.

What is the importance of suction units? (CCA)

It is not always the case in industrial kitchens, restaurant kitchens and hotels that the chimney for expelling smoke and odours is of adequate size for the required air flow. Sometimes it is non-existent and the CCA unit is the solution.